Joining advocaSC

General meetings:
Mondays weekly at 6:30 PM; Location: GFS 223

Within advocaSC, there are three different branches you can choose to dedicate your time to. Each branch has its unique focus, making advocaSC a great place to make the most of your individual skillset and interests.

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Primarily, we are an organization focused on advocating for policy change. Through phonebanking/ campaigning, working with local policymakers, and coalition building with other advocates across our campus and region, and more, we want to affect change in the lack of affordable housing, the criminalization of being unhoused, the lack of access to basic needs, and any other issue impacting those who are unhoused or experiencing poverty.

Education & Outreach

Being as passionate as we are about invoking change, we want to do our part in educating our communities in a way that inspires collective action and drive. Here are some of the broad topics we work to raise awareness on:

  • How USC has contributed to and benefited from gentrification and poverty in L.A.
  • The intersectionality of poverty, education, racism, healthcare, and so much more
  • What we can all do to advocate for a truly equitable Los Angeles

To accomplish this, we host speaker events, publish outreach materials, and partner with educators to make these things common knowledge.


Our members also engage with the L.A. community further through direct service projects. Our service will be based on sustainable partnerships and efficacy and equity, and we make sure to do our research to ensure the fulfillment of these conditions. For example, one of the organizations we currently work with is Feed the Streets L.A. through which we gather funds and materials to directly distribute to unhoused people or those in need in the Hollywood and Skid Row neighborhoods.